Gildersleeve Middle School

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ADMINISTRATION, Faculty & Staff Directory

Windy Nichols
Dr. Windy Nichols

Pascal Barreau
Assistant Principal, 8th
Dr. Pascal Barreau

Nekesha Williams
Assistant Principal, 7th
Nekesha Williams

Allison Anderson
Assistant Principal, 6th
Allison Anderson


Sixth Grade Teachers: Seventh Grade Teachers: Eighth Grade Teachers:
Lead Teachers: Related Arts Teachers: Teacher Assistants:


Collaborative Services: Physical Education Teachers: Instructional Support:

Resource and Support Staff

Professional School Counselors: Office & Nursing Staff: School Security:
Cafeteria Staff: Custodial Staff:   
  • Brenda Starek, Cafeteria Manager
  • Shelley Laporte
  • Rose Weaver
  • Nora Gloria
  • Brian Miller
  • Antoinette Person
  • Alondra Bingham
  • John Jones
  • Kimberly Smith
  • Jerod Davis



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