Gildersleeve Middle School

1 Minton Drive  •  Newport News, VA 23606  •  Phone: (757) 591-4862  •  Fax: (757) 596-2059

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ADMINISTRATION, Faculty & Staff Directory

Dr. Windy Nichols

Assistant Principal, 8th
Dr. Pascal Barreau

Assistant Principal, 7th
Nekesha Williams

Assistant Principal, 6th
Allison Anderson


Sixth Grade Teachers: Seventh Grade Teachers: Eighth Grade Teachers:
Lead Teachers: Related Arts Teachers: Teacher Assistants:


Collaborative Services: Physical Education Teachers: Instructional Support:

Resource and Support Staff

Professional School Counselors: Office & Nursing Staff: School Security:
Cafeteria Staff: Custodial Staff:  
  • Brenda Starek, Cafeteria Manager
  • Shelley Laporte
  • Rose Weaver
  • Nora Gloria
  • Brian Miller
  • Antoinette Person
  • Alondra Bingham
  • John Jones
  • Kimberly Smith
  • Jerod Davis

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